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A 3-Part Pitch Deck & Buy-In Workshop Series

Master the valuable career skills of creating pitch decks AND getting stakeholder buy-in so that you can get approval for your Customer Education ask.

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pitch development workshop

You'll learn:

The pitch template formula that's proven to deliver a "Yes!"

✅ The essential sections of a pitch template, why they matter, and how to use them when pitching.

A new process for getting buy-in that will grow your visibility, influence, impact, and career.

✅ How to carry yourself in stakeholder meetings, so that you can develop leadership-level presence & influence without authority.

✅ The common self-limiting beliefs that CE professionals have which prevent success before they even begin.

You need new beliefs, skills, and processes to gain stakeholder buy-in, and that's exactly what you'll learn from attending.

sarah bedrick workshop

You'll get:

✅ 3 Workshops + 1 Bonus Live Pitch Deck Review focused on new beliefs, skills, and processes you need to succeed. And we'll review some of the pitch decks you've built live to deepen the learning.

✅ A Slack community dedicated to learning alongside peers in your exact situation.

✅ A Workbook & Pitch Template designed to help you distill down your learnings & apply them.

✅ Buy-In Scripts One Pager including common questions to expect in the process and ways to expertly answer each question.


Workshop Session Break-Down

Session 1:

Belief Shifting & Pitch Decks 101

What you believe is either helping or hindering your success. We'll dig into some common beliefs and why they're usually wrong. Then we'll cover what a pitch deck is, why you need one, & how it differs from a "business case"


November 2, 12pm ET

Session 2:

Pitch Deck Fundamentals

The formula of a successul pitch template and the essential slides that every pitch needs, why they're so important, and how to tailor them to your specific "ask"


November 9, 12pm ET


Review Your Pitch Template Live

We'll be pulling up 2-3 pitch templates and reviewing them live together.


November 16, 12pm ET

Session 3:

Buy-In Strategies

Identify who you need to get on board before you make your ask, how to get them excited, & selling your vision for you


November 30, 12pm ET

sarah bedrick hubspot

Meet your instructor

Sarah Bedrick

Current: Corporate Academy Advisor for high-growth tech companies & Leadership Coach

Former: HubSpot Academy Founder & Compt Cofounder

  • Cofounded HubSpot Academy in 2012
  • HubSpot Academy's first Instructional Designer then led Certifications
  • Focused on specific buy-in strategies to receive approval for additional headcount, which ultimately grew HubSpot certifications awarded 10x within 2.5 years (which led to more resources)
  • Also pitched building the HubSpot Academy in-house LMS which is what you see today
  • Raised millions+ in funding through pitch decks & won several industry pitch competitions for my former HR startup, Compt.
  • Leadership & life coach

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I cannot attend live?

    While we will be recording these sessions, we want people who can attend live as we believe this will lead to a greater likelihood of success.

    If you still want support on this but cannot attend live, contact us with more information.

  • What if I already created my pitch/business case?

    Then this workshop series will help you to refine it and teach you how to share it internally so that you can increase the likelihood of getting a "yes" on your request.

  • How do I know if this is for me?

    Whether you're a team of one wanting to pilot a program or a fully-staffed division trying to gain more budget, this workshop will have helpful concepts, frameworks, and takeaways.

  • Why are you charging for this? $299 is a lot for me.

    First, we acknowledge that $299 can feel like a lot to pay for a workshop series, especially when there is so much free content available. Or if your point of comparison is books, then yes, it can seem like a lot.

    However, we believe that is an unfair comparison, and that $299 is actually a steal!

    To make this workshop possible, we're combining 22+ years of experience building HubSpot Academy and advising high-growth software clients, and distilling it down into the only resource you'll ever need on creating pitch decks and buy-in strategies for Customer Education professionals. That doesn't even include the countless books consumed, workshops attended, and mentoring and coaching sessions we've received from execs on these topics over the years.

    And for additional reference, our 1:1 clients pay $750/hour for advising calls and frequently choose to re-up their contracts with us. One client told us that due to budget cuts, they had to choose between hiring a new CE team member or keeping us on retainer; they choose to keep us.

    If $299 still feels like a lot, we understand and are happy to stay in contact and let you know if we ever decrease the price. If you are interested in staying in touch, let us know via this form.

  • What happens if I don't get my request approved?

    If that happens, and it is possible given the current economic climate with companies tightening their budgets, you'll still walk away with career-changing skillsets, processes, and mindsets that you can use in every other area of your work.

    While this workshop series is focused on helping you get your budgetary ask approved, everything that you will be learning can be used in everything else that you're doing. Whether you're learning to communicate important ideas, meeting with stakeholders, identifying metrics that matter to you, others, and the business, and more -- you will walk away with so much more than just learning how to get a budgetary ask approved.


Be the one who nails the pitch

We are currently mid-cohort. Enter your information below to be notified of future cohorts.

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