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SaaS Academy Advisors was founded by three education-obsessed professionals who started the HubSpot Academy team in 2011 and grew it to become the world-class education institution that many know it as today.

While at HubSpot, we frequently took "how to build, grow, scale, etc., an Academy calls" and noticed one pattern emerge over the years -- since running an Academy/University team is relatively new, most companies don't have people with relevant experience on board. And without someone who has seen and done it before, it takes much longer to see success.

That's where we come in. 

Our mission is now to help high-growth software companies and their Academy/University leaders accelerate their team, department, and company success through industry-changing education and training.

Meet the Team

Chris LoDolce

Chris is one of our advisors, program auditors, & former Director of HubSpot Academy.

With 10 years of experience at HubSpot, and eight dedicated to founding, leading, and scaling the HubSpot Academy team, he's seen it all.

He led several key initiatives, including:

  • the success of the HubSpot Academy team of 30 people that produced educational content and programs for university students, industry professionals, customers, partners, and developers
  • developed a new method of do-to-learn that led to a 40% increase in sustained product usage and a 30% increase in retention
  • led the Academy team through multiple reorgs across multiple departments
  • spearheaded the effort to codify all academy assets to translate and localize certifications to 5 languages at scale

Sarah Bedrick

Sarah is the former Program Manager @ HubSpot Academy

Her 6+ years of experience were far-reaching and includes founding the HubSpot Academy in 2011, and then growing and scaling it to the program you know today.

She led several key initiatives including:

  • starting the HubSpot Academy team
  • transitioning from webinar-based to the on-demand self-paced video training which increased brand reach, learner impact, and led to increased team efficiency
  • led the certification program & increased the number of certifications from 5 to 10, as well as the number of certifications awarded to learners 10x (from 800/month to 8,000/month) within 2.5 years
  • co-built HubSpot's LMS, The Learning Center, before LMS' were really a thing

Lindsay Thibeault

Lindsay is the former Content Manager @ HubSpot Academy, & led HubSpot's Customer Training division.

Her 8+ years of experience was hyper-focused on creating and delivering the best educational content possible for HubSpot customers.

She led several key initiatives including:

  • leading the paid, in-person customer training team including managing 12-person global team, with 300+ annual trainings hosted in 40+ locations, and 25% YoY revenue growth
  • expanding Academy's content beyond certifications to include lessons, classes, and courses
  • building and operationalizing many of the Academy best practices still in use today including backwards planning and assessment methods.
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