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Stakeholder Management

In this 4-week execution series, you'll zoom out from the day-to-day of your program, develop and gain a 1000-foot understanding of your business and department priorities, and develop and begin executing an action plan.

After this working group, you'll:

  • Have a strong understanding of your business and department goals
  • Identified the coworkers that most influence the business/departments
  • An ongoing action plan to win these folks over and align your educational content with their programs to help them achieve their goals.
  • A curated library of resources and tools to enable you to create champions across the org

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Working Groups

  • What are Working Groups?

    Working Groups are cohort-based learning groups. They're part curriculum, part group coaching, and part peer-based learning.

    We're combining the best learning strategies we know to help you grow and master your craft.

  • Who are they for?

    Learning professionals in software-based businesses who are looking to enhance their knowledge, skillset, and network focused around a specific topic.

  • What do they entail?

    • Complete a quarter-long curriculum designed to help you master a topic.
    • Join up to 9 other (10 max) SaaS Customer Education practitioners who are focused on the same priority.
    • Meet for a facilitated working session to GSD (get stuff done), share learnings, ask questions, and provide each other insights and feedback.
    • A curated library of workbooks, resources, and tools that we've developed and used to grow Academy programs.
    • Receive 1:1 feedback from the SaaS Academy Advisors team on your strategy.
    • Access to a private Slack group embedded into your existing company Slack or person slack space. No switching Slack spaces required!
  • What's the full process after application?

    • Submit: You'll submit your application form.
    • Review: We'll review it.
    • Accept into Cohort: You'll fill out a "Getting Started" form for you to tell us more about your program and goals.
    • Join the Working Group: We'll invite you to join Slack to prepare to get started!

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