List of Top Customer Education Programs [Examples in Tech]

by Chris LoDolce

While there are benefits of any formalized customer education program, the gap between high and low-success organizations is wide.

According to a Forrester report commissioned by Intellium, customer education programs drive significant top-line benefits for companies.

The difference between low-success and high-success organizations is drastic.

The report found that low-success organizations seeing only a .5% increase in revenue while high-success organizations see a 20.2% increase in revenue.

The revenue difference is just the tip of the iceberg.

customer education revenue high success vs low success orgs

That's where examples come in.

If you're looking to create or improve your customer education program, it's helpful to know what goes into a great one.

We’ve compiled a list of customer education examples so you can see these impressive programs in action and determine which tactics you want to implement to improve your own program.

Customer Education Examples

As any learning professional knows, examples assisting learners in understanding concepts, solving problems or achieving goals that would have been beyond their abilities without them. We hope these examples support you in taking your program to the next level.

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