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Customer Education

Last Updated: June 2 2023


Below are open full-time Customer Education job openings. These roles may have varying responsibilities and requirements depending on the company and industry. However, they all have a focus on educating customers and helping them better understand the products or services being offered.


Management Roles


Education Program/Project Manager


Customer Education/ Training And Development Specialist

Technical Instructor 


Salary Range: $105,000 - $145,900

Customer Education Specialist

Denver, CO

Salary range: $55,000 - $60,000

Customer Education Manager

Remote (Eastern/Central)


Instructional Designer/Content Developer

Learning Experience Designer

Denver, CO

Salary: $105,000 - $111,000

Senior Instructional Designer

Seattle, WA

Salary: $95,000 - $155,000


Technical Writer/Curriculum Developer


Marketing Roles


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