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Last Updated: April 17 2024


Below are open full-time Customer Education job openings. These roles may have varying responsibilities and requirements depending on the company and industry. However, they all have a focus on educating customers and helping them better understand the products or services being offered.


Management Roles

Training Director


Salary Range: $95,000 - $115,000

Glassdoor: 2.8

Director of Customer Education

United States

Glassdoor: 4.5

Director of Sales Enablement & Customer Education, Mailchimp

Atlanta, Georgia; New York, New York

Salary Range: $198,000 - $267,500

Glassdoor: 4.4

Blind: 3.8


Director, Customer Education and Community Support

Seattle, WA

Salary Range: $212,000 - $308,000

Glassdoor: 4.5

Blind: 4.7


Education Program/Project Manager

User Education Manager

San Francisco, California

Salary Range: $90,000 - $140,000

Glassdoor: 4.7

Blind: 4.2

Customer Education Manager


Salary Range: $110,000 - $120,000

Glassdoor: 3

Certification Manager

San Francisco, CA

Salary Range: $135,000 - $165,000

Glassdoor: 3.7

Blind: 3.8


Customer Education/ Training And Development Specialist


Software Instructor (Remote US)


Salary Range: $61,500 - $70,500

Glassdoor: 4.3

Customer Education Specialist

Istanbul, Turkey

Glassdoor: 4.5

Customers Education Specialist

Hybrid - Barcelona, Spain

Glassdoor: 4.2

Blind: 3.7


User Education Specialist II

Oakland, California, United States

Salary Range: $40.87 - $52.89

Glassdoor: 3.9


Instructional Designer/Learning Experience Designer

Technical Instructional Designer

Remote, Canada

Glassdoor: 4

Blind: 3.9

Learning Experience Designer

United States

Glassdoor: 3.6


Technical Writer/Curriculum Developer

Technical Writer - Customer Education

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Salary Range: $90,000 - $103,000

Glassdoor: 3.3

Blind: 4.4


Marketing Roles


Product Development


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