Open Job Roles in Customer Education [Q3 Review]

It's hard to believe that we're in the last quarter of 2023.

The data we've collected from Q3 job postings in the customer education industry reveals valuable insights into the specific roles that organizations are actively seeking and successfully filling. Let's delve into the analysis of the job postings and fills.

During Q3, the customer education industry experienced a surge in job postings, indicating a robust demand for skilled CE professionals. We love to see this dynamic and growing sector, influenced by the increasing importance placed on customer-centric strategies across various industries.

Job Categories:

A closer look at the job categories reveals a diverse range of positions being sought after. From instructional designers to customer education managers, companies are recognizing the multifaceted nature of customer education. This diversity indicates a strategic approach to fostering customer growth, knowledge, and satisfaction.

Reposting Jobs:

With some jobs taking longer to fill or find that perfect candidate, we saw many job listings getting reposted or taken down and getting relisted. While we keep the Open Jobs in Customer Education job board updated regularly, if you're currently searching for a job this is something to keep in mind when applying...or reapplying.

This is also a signal to the industry on the status of the potential candidate pool, specifically for management roles. Closing and then reopening typically happens when candidates were not selected after they moved to the interview stage, potentially indicating the number of qualified candidates for management/leadership roles is still below the available supply.

Skills in Demand:

The skills mentioned in the job postings provide valuable insights into the evolving needs of the industry. Unsurprisingly, the following are the standard qualifications for these different job categories:

  • Management: strategy implementation, training/curriculum development, talent development, initiative building, technical capability and communication (average years experience: 7+)
  • Education Program/Project Manager: instructional design, LMS experience, team collaboration, data-driven approach (average years experience: 5+)
  • Customer Education/Training Development Specialist: self-initiative, LMS familiarity, training experience, strong communication, technology enthusiasm (average years experience: 4+)
  • Instructional Designer/Content Developer: learning experience design, multimedia expertise, content analysis (average years experience: 4+)
  • Technical Writer/Curriculum Developer: technical knowledge, instructional design, stakeholder collaboration (average years experience: 3+)

The emphasis on these skills reflects the industry's commitment to leveraging effective customer education.

Experience Levels:

There's a balanced distribution of job postings across different experience levels. Great opportunities for both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the field. What we're seeing is companies willing to invest in talent development, fostering a healthy mix of experience within their teams.

Regional Variances:

Taking a look at the geographical distribution of job postings and fills reveals interesting regional variations. While majority of these roles (23 out of 35 to be exact) are remote, certain regions, like the East Coast in the US, demonstrated a faster pace of fills.

Emerging Roles:

In Q3 we saw the emergence of new roles in the customer education domain. Positions such as in-house eLearning Developers, Partner Education Specialists, and Certification Exam Leads. We think we'll continue to see the CE industry adapt to changing customer needs and learning methodologies.

Q3 Job Postings and Fills in the Customer Education Industry: A Detailed Breakdown

Total Job Postings: 35 | Total Jobs Filled: 36

Please note that some jobs filled are carry-overs from jobs posted the previous quarter.

1. Management:

Job Postings: 9 | Jobs Filled: 10

Job titles:

  • Head of Product Education
  • Senior Director, Global Training
  • Director of Customer Education
  • Manager, Developer Education
  • Director, PLG Education and Enablement
  • Director, Customer Education & Training
  • Director of Platform Training Development
  • Director, Digital Learning & Global Customer Education
  • Manager, Education Content
  • Manager, Learning and Content

Management roles, encompassing various leadership positions, demonstrated a strong demand. However, for those 10 jobs that were filled it took an average 2 full months for the right candidate to be found. While this is a competitive market for leadership talent in the customer education sector, this is another indicator that the number of qualified candidates for management/leadership roles is still below the available supply.

2. Education Program/Project Manager:

Job Postings: 8 | Jobs Filled: 6

Job titles:

  • Customer Education Manager
  • Customer Education Program Manager
  • Education Program Manager
  • Senior Certifications Program Manager
  • Community Leader
  • Certification Exam Lead

While the number of job postings for Education Program/Project Managers was notable, the fills were slightly lower than previous quarters and months. This suggests that organizations may be seeking specific expertise or experience in this role, leading to a more selective hiring process.

3. Customer Education/Training Development Specialist:

Job Postings: 4 | Jobs Filled: 5

Job Titles:

  • Training Operations Specialist
  • Customer Education Specialist
  • Customer Support & Education Specialist
  • Education Specialist
  • Technical Instructor

The demand for Customer Education/Training Development Specialists remained steady throughout Q3. The slight increase in filled positions may indicate a competitive talent pool, emphasizing the importance of specialized skills in this role.

3. Instructional Designer/Content Developer:

Job Postings: 9 | Jobs Filled: 9

Job titles:

  • Learning Experience Designer
  • Learning Experience Designer, Certifications
  • Senior Learning Experience Designer
  • Sr. Curriculum Developer
  • Senior Instructional Designer
  • Learning Experience & Design Manager

A balanced ratio of job postings to filled positions in the Instructional Designer/Content Developer category indicates a well-matched demand and supply. It feels like just a few years ago where instructional design in the SaaS industry felt like a foreign concept. We're happy to see this equilibrium reflecting a healthy alignment between industry requirements and available talent. We're also seeing this role lean away from the "instructional designer" label to "learning experience designer."

4. Technical Writer/Curriculum Developer:

Job Postings: 4 | Jobs Filled: 5

Job Titles:

  • Technical Instructional Designer
  • Senior Technical Instructor
  • Senior Technologist, Education
  • Certification Technical Writer
  • Lead Technical Writer

The Technical Writer/Curriculum Developer category witnessed consistent demand, with a slightly higher number of positions filled. One of these roles even took close to 150 days to fill. This could suggest a specialization trend where candidates with technical writing skills are in high demand.

Emerging Insights

While some roles witness a high demand with a proportionate number of fills, others display variances, prompting organizations to adapt their hiring strategies.

The positive correlation between job postings and fills in Q3 suggests a healthy and responsive job market. As the customer education landscape continues to evolve, organizations should stay agile in aligning their talent strategies with the emerging needs of customers and technological advancements.

This detailed breakdown of Q3 job postings and fills provides a granular understanding of the customer education job market. It enables organizations and professionals to tailor their strategies based on the specific demands and trends observed in each role category.

If you're currently interviewing and trying to discern if the company or role is a good fit for you, here is a list of questions you can ask.

Let us know if you'd like us to include your company's education role in the list above.

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