World Teacher's Day

by Chris LoDolce

When it comes to education, one of my favorite interview, webinar, and conversation questions to ask is:

"Which teacher had the most impact on the direction in your life? What was it about that teacher that impacted you?"

Without fail, the answer is never about the content itself that was being taught. It's about how the content was taught, the passion of the person teaching the content, and the connection with the teacher.

Across the United States and Europe, you have a total of 23 teachers from first grade through high school and another 20 on average at college/university. Educational experiences can change your life, your career, your potential for success, and that doesn't stop after undergraduate or graduate.

Now more than ever, business professionals need to continue to sharpen their skill set and develop new skills to stay relevant, competitive, and keep up with the fast pace change of strategy and tools.

For those of us in the business professional education space, it's not enough to simply produce content that's educational. We can do this by taking ownership and aspiring every day to not just be one of the forgotten teachers in an individual's educational journey but to be the individual or the organization that has a positive impact on an individual's career and life. To do this requires more than a script, some visuals, and a LMS. It requires a program, a leader, and a team who are focused on creating transformative educational experiences; educational experiences that result in the learner being able to take action on the knowledge gained and apply that value within their business and their career.

We talk about helping folks do their jobs. It's not just about helping those who are already in a profession, but for the countless people who will be joining that profession. That might be a student coming out of college. That might be a business professional switching industries or careers. And that certainly could be a primary caregiver looking to get back into the workforce.

Creating transformative educational experiences doesn't mean reinventing the wheel. It's simply means building a wheel that is balanced and solves equally for the learner and the business.

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